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Spring into craft beer...the light side of the force!!!!

We've made it, at least those of us in regions with 4 seasons, we've dredged through short days and cold weather, snowstorms and christmas shopping, we've eaten way to much holiday turkey and drank enough pumpkin beer, barleywines and imperial stouts that our waistlines are ready to pop. Anyways enough of that crap...we are now starting to see buds on the trees, robins are returning, days are getting longer, spring is in the air and with that brings us a whole new lineup of beers for us to enjoy. Instead of 10% ABV barrel aged beers that have the power to coat our palettes through cold nights, we are now bombarded with Kolsch's, Saisons, Wheat Beers, Witbier, Summer Ales, Session IPA's and everythiing in between. It is the time of the season to cool the palette instead of warming the soul.

Beers abroad with orange, yellow and white hues. Lightly hopped and refreshing to make sure you don't sweat through the upcoming 90 degree days. Works of art with brighter days and warmer weather in minds. Can's, bottles and draft flowing with golden goodness. So I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet!!! Craft beer is univerals and seasonal!!!! Cheers to the spring and summer!!!! 

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