Tap at Humboldt Beer Depot

A Craft Beer & Music Experience

We enjoy variety, it's the spice of life...We want you to enjoy variety as well...We have a 24 tap system, that will provide 5 full time faucets and 20 rotating faucets. Our bottle list is ever changing, consisting of selections from the US and Europe.  All our draught beer is served in either 5oz, 13oz or 16oz glassware (depending on style). Our can and bottle selection ranges from 12oz to 25oz servings. 

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573 Can Do Expressway

Hazle Township, PA 18202

Phone: (570)-497-4140


Musician/Band Booking: mike@humboldtbeerdepot.com

Sunday - closed 

Monday - Thursday 11:00am to 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 12:00am